The Best Treadmills of 2019

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Have you ever wanted to go running or walking, but something prevented you? Whether it was the weather or lack of a gym membership, you may find a home treadmill the much better decision. Treadmills allow you to walk or run without worrying about weather or the gym and can be programmed to suit your desires. While not always cheap, you will find that some fold-up treadmills can fit your budget. Just check out the prices on the top rated treadmills on sale and review the information given about each. You may find the perfect machine for your home is affordable and has great ratings.

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The Different Types of Treadmills

There are two main types of treadmills: manual and electric. The difference between the two is that the manual machines do not work on electricity. Instead, movement of your foot moves the belt, so it moves at the speed you are walking or running. Sometimes these machines have incline settings that you can set. Electric treadmills, on the other hand, power-up a belt at the speed of walking or running and you are expected to keep up, though in most electric machines, you can vary the speed greatly. Electric machines even sometimes have programs where it feels like you are climbing a hill or varying from straight to hilly terrain.

The other big differences are size and features. Treadmills can range from small and compact machines intended for home exercise to large and bulky ones intended for commercial use. Features of both include pre-programmed terrain, folding frame, and varying speed. Most treadmills also have a timer, and some also have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections.

You may also want to keep in mind the cost of a treadmill. This includes the purchase price, but also maintenance fees and storage requirements. Maintenance fees include any repairs not covered by the warranty, which depends on the treadmill you choose. You must also keep in mind storage requirements. Where are you going to store your treadmill? Does it take up a lot of room? If you have only a small amount of space for it, consider a foldable treadmill. This will allow you to get the belt off the floor when you are not using it, giving you a portion of the space taken up by the machine back. This also makes it safer if you have children because they cannot play on the belt.

What are the uses for treadmills?

Casual Exercise

If you do not have a place to walk or run in your neighborhood, a treadmill would be good to buy for your home. Casual walkers or runners will find that a folding treadmill, which gets the exercise equipment out of the way when not in use, is the best option for them. Having such a machine available to you, though, is an important way to keep your body fit and your heart healthy.

Intense workouts

For someone looking for intense workouts to go with weight lifting or other body-building regimes, a treadmill will pick up where the body-building workouts end. Intense cardio fitness can be achieved with a treadmill that can reach very high speeds, while also having incline programs available.

Marathon Training

Treadmill machines are not only great for casual and intense cardio fitness. You may also find it perfect for training your body for an upcoming marathon. Perhaps you are thinking that an elliptical would be good for your marathon training, but unlike the elliptical, the treadmill has you pick up your feet, making it much more suited to training for a marathon.